Our Story

What This Restaurant Means To Us

As a family-owned business, Chao Village started with the passion for cooking delicious and healthy dishes! We cook with the freshest ingredients because that's how we like to cook food in our own home! We value healthy eating, which is why we sought after the perfect balance between tasty meals and healthy recipes in every dish we make. We strive to serve you great meals that you will remember with happiness and fulfillment!


Chao Village is a place where everyone is welcome, even our animal friends! We are a place for first dates, for families, to catch up with friends and to talk business with colleagues. But most importantly, a place where you walk out happier than when you came in!


 Our customers are part of our family and that what's this restaurant means to us.

Owner & Chef

Nick Pham


"My name is Nick, I am a Chemical Engineer, Builder, Chef and now I am more than happy to welcome you to my restaurant, Chao Village. At Chao Village, we want you to remember the meal that you are having with us with happiness. We believe in complete transparency, which is why you will often see me come out of the kitchen to engage with you to learn about your experience with us. I ask for your feedback because I want to learn how I can serve you better the next time you are with us! My mission is to take Vietnamese food to the next level in quality! We will be creative, we will be attentive, and lastly, we will serve you genuinely."